RLF Salado Holdings

RLF Salado Holdings, LLC operates four dimension stone quarries in Central Texas

Greystone Advises Resource Land Holdings on Divestiture of Salado Quarry

SAN DIEGO (June 30, 2016) – The Greystone Group (“Greystone”) announced today that it served as exclusive financial advisor to Resource Land Holdings, LLC (“RLH”) in its divestiture of RLF Salado Holdings, LLC (“Salado”) to Dos Rios Partners LP (“Dos Rios”).  Salado is a leading dimension stone producer operating four quarries in Central Texas.

“We were pleased to have the opportunity to work with RLH and the Salado management team on this transaction.  We enjoy working with private equity firms and RLH is one of the finest organizations focused on natural resource investments” said Reed Shafer, Vice President of Greystone.

Salado, founded in 1999, is one of the largest producers of dimension stone in Texas.  The Company operates four quarries and has a well-balanced exposure across all end-use segments.

About Resource Land Holdings

RLH was founded in 1998 to invest in agricultural, timber and mining properties in the United States.  Through partnerships with local brokers, operators and entrepreneurs, RLH invests in properties across a broad range of resource-rich asset classes.  To date, RLH has organized and managed two separately funded entities as well as four private equity funds.

About Dos Rios Partners

Dos Rios, with three offices in Texas, invests in well-established proven companies in Texas, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico or Oklahoma.  Dos Rios looks to acquire growing entrepreneur or family-owned businesses that desire an experienced collegial partner.  Dos Rios was selected by the Small Business Administration to be one of the few Small Business Investment Companies in its region.

About Greystone

Founded in 1996 and celebrating its 20th anniversary, Greystone is considered a leading M&A advisor to the construction materials industry.  Greystone principals have managed over 60 industry related transactions valued in excess of $3.0 billion. 

RLF Salado Holdings